Our Home In Spring                               And In Winter

                 Celebrating Fifty Years Of Happiness Together

9/28/1963 When It All Began and 50 Years Later With The ArchBishop at the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception. 

Our 50th Anniversary Cruise With The Entire Family - 14 Of Us

Our Daughter Amy With Husband Ken

Judy & Rebecca. 1st Year at the Mount.        My favorite Gals.

Rebecca's High School Graduation Day.    2013

Rebecca's graduation present was a trip to Europe with her mom.  They went to seven countries in three weeks. Top left - Belgium.  Right - Stonehedge, lower right - France and left is Copenhagen

Ken's Dad David with Katie                     
Morgan & Richard at the      Thanksgiving at the MacWilliams 
Girl's School Where Vets 
Were Honored on Vets Day

Katie Heads to High School and Morgan Bags Her First Deer and below, duck hunting with her dad.

 All of Amy and Ken's girls, Rebecca, Katie and Morgan enjoy hunting with dad

Happy Birthday Amy and Amy with Scott's wife Lisa

Oldest Son Scott With Lisa, Justin, Shane, Trevor & the Captain.

Scott, Lisa and the boys with Our Waiter, Mario.  He Was One Fantastic Waiter and the Boys Loved Him.

Scott & Lisa on the right.

On the Cruise, We Had a Half Day Stopover at Port Canaveral Florida. 

 Scott, Lisa and Boys toured the NASA Site.

Scott's Mustang Which He Is Currently Rebuilding After Being Hit By an 18 Wheeler And Forced Off The Road

Shane A Couple Years Ago                    Shane & Justin

Now, Back To Some Photos Of Mom & Dad.   Here We Are At Rachel's wedding in 2013. When I Worked At Ace, Rachel Worked With Me.

Our Youngest Son Michael With Granddaughter Kaitlyn

Sean Taylor, One Of Mike's Redskin Heroes.
May he Rest In Peace

Mike with Rebecca and daughter Kaitlyn in DC at a Capitals Game. 

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