Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay is God's Gift To Us.  36" Striped Bass

     48" length,  28" girth, 42 lbs.                     Oldest Son Scott

Scott & Wife Lisa.    Another Great Day On The Chesapeake

Scott With Three Fishermen
Trevor,  Justin & Shane
Scott's Boat is a 23' Parker

To The Right, a Fisherman
And His Cookies

    Fishing On The Chesapeake Is Not Just A Warm Weather Sport. We Have Fished with Ice on our Rods 'N' Reels.

Amy And Old Man And Rebecca

Rebecca, And Rebecca Again, Old Man And Amy

Scott's 23' Parker.     Scott and Uncle Gene, Catch Of The Day

Left - Judy Crabbing With Ken On the Eastern Shore.

Top, Granddaughter Morgan and Granddad Seeing Things Eye To Eye Many Years Ago

The Summer of 2013 was my first time "Live Lining" .  Shown are some of the smaller ones we caught.  The three small fish on left are used live for bait.

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